H2O AI Hybrid Cloud offers an end-to-end platform that democratizes artificial intelligence, enabling every employee, customer, and citizen with sophisticated AI technology and easy-to-use AI applications.


Full suite of data preparation, data engineering, data labeling, and automatic feature engineering tools to accelerate time to insight.


Award-winning Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) technology to solve the most challenging problems, including Time Series and Natural Language Processing.


Industry-leading toolkit of explainable and responsible AI methods to combat bias and increase transparency into machine learning models.


Deploy models in any environment and enable drift detection, automatic retraining, custom alerts, and real-time monitoring.


H2O Wave enables fast development of AI applications through an open-source, light-weight Python development framework.


H2O AI Hybrid Cloud enables data science teams to quickly share their applications with team members and business users, encouraging company-wide adoption.


Explainable World-Class Models
Any Cloud or On-Premises Infrastructure
High Performance and Scalable
Extensible and Customizable
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Use Cases

AI is transforming every industry and department by delivering better insights, personalized experiences, streamlined operations, and reduced risk.
Fraud Detection
Leverage AI to analyze massive data sets, better identify fraud patterns, and flag fraudulent transactions as they happen in real-time.
Customer Churn Prediction
AI enables companies to gain deeper insight into behavioral patterns and metadata to better predict if a customer is going to churn.
Credit Risk Scoring
Credit scoring has been overhauled by big data, enabling credit agencies and companies to better quantify the risk of each customer.
Fraud Mitigation
AI-based fraud detection can catch fraudulent claims before they are paid, which reduces costs for insurance providers and for consumers.
Customer Retention
AI can look at a variety of data and relatively complex interactions between behaviors and compared to individual history to determine retention risk.
Personalized Product Bundling
With AI models, insurance companies can determine which products and policy options are the best fit for a given consumer.
Improving Clinical Workflow
AI-based diagnosis can help clinicians make better decisions with more data by learning patterns to assist clinicians diagnosis.
Medical Testing
AI models enable clinicians to pursue treatments with the best outcomes and minimize the number of tests, which saves time and reduces costs.
Predicting ICU Transfers
Using medical records, lab results, and vital signs to find early warning signals, AI models can be used to find patients who are likely to crash.
Lead Scoring
AI models can score marketing leads and predict which leads will ultimately drive opportunities and generate revenue.
Content Personalization
AI techniques can be used to create 1:1 content personalization that targets the right content with the right customer at the right time.
Smart Segmentation
AI models can easily segment customers using a wide variety of data including browsing behavior, purchases, demographics, household data, and more.
Predictive Customer Support
AI models can utilize a variety of data from prior support inquiries and resolutions, network data, and more to predict customer needs.
Predictive Fleet Maintenance
AI-based predictive maintenance uses a variety of data from IoT sensors, weather, vehicles, and more to determine which components should be replaced.
Supply Chain Optimization
AI-based supply chain optimization can utilize a variety of factors including environmental and mobility data to predict optimal resource needs.
Predictive Maintenance
AI models can look for patterns in data that indicate failure modes for specific components or make better predictions of the equipment lifespan.
Transportation Optimization
AI-enhanced transportation optimization leverages route info, weather data, fuel cost, and more to arrive at optimal routes and faster deliveries.
Pricing Optimization
AI models can be used to dynamically price items using data on seasonality and price elasticity along with real-time inputs on inventory and prices.
Product Recommendations
AI can enable highly personalized product recommendations to provide targeted experiences for consumers that drive conversion and customer loyalty.
Assortment Optimization
AI models can analyze a variety of factors including sales, display space, and more to determine which products would be best for a given location.
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