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New Features Now Available with the Latest Release of the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud 21.10
by Mary Beth Moore October 18, 2021 H2O AI Hybrid Cloud H2O Release

The Makers here at have been busy building new features and enhancing capabilities across our AI platform. Designed to support our core mission of democratizing AI, these additions to our platform simplify the ability to make AI you can trust, operate it efficiently and innovate with ready-made AI applications. Launched in January of 2021, […]

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Time Series Forecasting Best Practices
by Jo-fai Chow October 15, 2021 H2O AI Hybrid Cloud Technical Posts Time Series

Earlier this year, my colleague Vishal Sharma gave a talk about time series forecasting best practices. The talk was well-received so we decided to turn it into a blog post. Below are some of the highlights from his talk. You can also follow the two software demos and try it yourself using our H2O AI […]

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Improving NLP Model Performance with Context-Aware Feature Extraction
by Jo-fai Chow October 8, 2021 H2O AI Hybrid Cloud NLP Technical Posts

I would like to share with you a simple yet very effective trick to improve feature engineering for text analytics. After reading this article, you will be able to follow the exact steps and try it yourself using our H2O AI Hybrid Cloud. First of all, let’s have a look at the off-the-shelf natural language […]

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Feature Transformation with the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud
by Mary Beth Moore October 7, 2021 H2O AI Hybrid Cloud

It is well known throughout the data science community that data preparation, pre-processing, and feature engineering are one of the most cumbersome parts of the data science workload. So as we continue to innovate here at with our end-to-end automated machine learning (autoML) capabilities, we challenged ourselves to evolve the process of feature engineering […]

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Introducing DatatableTon – Python Datatable Tutorials & Exercises
by Jo-fai Chow September 20, 2021 datatable Open Source Python Tutorials

Datatable is a python library for manipulating tabular data. It supports out-of-memory datasets, multi-threaded data processing and has a flexible API. If this reminds you of R’s data.table, you are spot on because Python’s datatable package is closely related to and inspired by the R library. The release of v1.0.0 was done on 1st July, 2021 and it’s probably […]

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H2O Release 3.34 (Zizler)
by Jo-fai Chow September 15, 2021 H2O H2O Release Open Source

There’s a new major release of H2O, and it’s packed with new features and fixes! Among the big new features in this release, we’ve added Extended Isolation Forest for improved results on anomaly detection problems, and we’ve implemented the Type III SS test (ANOVAGLM) and the MAXR method to GLM. For existing algorithms, we improved […]

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From the game of Go to Kaggle: The story of a Kaggle Grandmaster from Taiwan
by parul September 13, 2021 Kaggle Makers

In conversation with Kunhao Yeh: A Data Scientist and Kaggle Grandmaster In these series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at, who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. These interviews are intended to motivate and encourage others who want to understand what it takes to be a Kaggle […]

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Visualizing Large Datasets with H2O-3
by parul September 9, 2021 H2O Open Source Tutorials

Exploratory data analysis is one of the essential parts of any data processing pipeline. However, when the magnitude of data is high, these visualizations become vague. If we were to plot millions of data points, it would become impossible to discern individual data points from each other. The visualized output in such a case is […]

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