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Safer Sailing with AI
by Anastacia Visneski April 1, 2021 Customer Data Science H2O Machine Learning Interpretability Open Source Uncategorized Wave

In the last week, the world watched as responders tried to free a cargo ship that had gone aground in the Suez Canal. This incident blocked traffic through a waterway that is critical for commerce. While the location was an unusual one, ship collisions, allisions, and groundings are not uncommon. With all the technology that […]

Read More Speeds Credit Scoring for Fair Lending with
by Jo-fai Chow January 12, 2021 Customer Financial Services Use Cases is a technological and innovative company developing a platform for leasing equipment for small and medium enterprises. As part of its business to provide a variety of credit options for companies that want to finance capital purchases, needs to rapidly and accurately assess the credit risk and scoring of a customer in order […]

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AI in the Financial Industry: 8 Key Takeaways from the + Fireside Chat
by Bruna Smith November 5, 2020 Community Customer Financial Services

The current global pandemic crisis presents various challenges to businesses in all industries, including financial services institutions, who are monitoring and dealing with the effects of COVID-19 across the world. At a time of a pandemic, it is important that teams get together to share their insights and experience, with the goal of inspiring and […]

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The Benefits of Budget Allocation with AI-driven Marketing Mix Models
by Bruna Smith September 17, 2020 AutoML Business Customer GBM GLM Machine Learning Use Cases

Excerpt of the white paper: “The Latest in AI Technologies Reinvent Media and Marketing Analytics @ Allergan” Authors: Akhil Sood, Associate Director @ Marketing Sciences, Allergan Dr. Michael Proksch, Senior Director @ Vijay Raghavan, Associate Vice President @ Marketing Sciences, Allergan Introduction The call for accountability in marketing has been growing over recent years […]

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Leads to Leases
by Patrick Moran July 18, 2019 Customer Data Science H2O Driverless AI Use Cases

There is such a large amount of unstructured data being produced by companies. I personally find it so interesting that there is so much meaning and hidden value in text, audio, and visual content. Until recently, much of this data would go unused. However, since the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it became […]

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ArmadaHealth Uses AI to Match Patients with Specialists to Improve Health Outcomes
by Patrick Moran July 9, 2019 Customer Data Science Healthcare

As an intern for, I am amazed to see how instrumental AI has been in transforming people’s lives for the better. Especially in healthcare, AI is bringing increased efficiency, ease, and helping people lead healthier lives. In this blog, I learned about how AI is helping potential patients find the right specialist for their […]

Read More Transforms Credit Risk Decision-Making Using AI
by Patrick Moran June 21, 2019 Customer Data Science Financial Services H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Interpretability

Determining credit has been done by traditional techniques for decades. The challenge with traditional credit underwriting is that it doesn’t take into account all of the various aspects or features of an individual’s credit ability., a new credit startup, saw this as an opportunity to apply machine learning and AI to improve credit lending […]

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The Reproductive Science Center of SF Bay Area uses AI to Treat Infertility
by Patrick Moran June 19, 2019 Community Customer Data Science H2O Driverless AI Use Cases Yield Prediction

Having your own baby may be a dream that many people have but some cannot realize until they seek specialized help. The Reproductive Science Center of SF Bay Area is one of the pioneer organizations conducting in-vitro fertilization. They strive to produce healthy babies for their patients. However, every patient has their own set of […]

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Forrester Research recognizes as a leader in the New Automatic Machine Learning Wave
by Saurabh Kumar May 28, 2019 Community Customer H2O Driverless AI

Today, The Forrester New Wave™: Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions, Q2 2019 was published by Forrester Research. We are thrilled that this leading analyst firm recognized us as a clear leader in their Automatic Machine Learning evaluation. We could not be prouder of our unwavering strategy and hard work that we believe is propelling us to […]

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Hortifrut uses AI to Determine the Freshness of Blueberries
by Saurabh Kumar May 2, 2019 Community Customer Data Science H2O Driverless AI Manufacturing Use Cases

Who doesn’t love sweet, delicious blueberries? Providing a steady supply of beautiful, tasty berries to the market is no small effort and Hortifrut, based in Chile, has been growing and distributing berries for the last 30 years. Today, they are using AI to provide fresh berries to the world everyday. Hortifrut, the largest global producer […]

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