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A Deep Dive into H2O’s AutoML
by Bruna Smith October 16, 2019 AutoML H2O Technical

The demand for machine learning systems has soared over the past few years. This is majorly due to the success of Machine Learning techniques in a wide range of applications. AutoML is fundamentally changing the face of ML-based solutions today by enabling people from diverse backgrounds to use machine learning models to address complex scenarios. […]

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Make your own AI — Add Your Game to Auto-ML Models
by Bruna Smith October 15, 2019 AutoML H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Technical

When Features and Algorithms compete, your Business Use Case(s) wins! H2O Driverless AI is an Automatic Feature Engineering/Machine Learning platform to build AI/ML models on tabular data. Driverless AI can build supervised learning models for Time Series forecasts, Regression, Classification, etc. It supports a myriad of built-in feature engineering transformers to work with numeric, categorical, […]

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Predicting Failures from Sensor Data using AI/ML — Part 2
by Bruna Smith September 27, 2019 H2O Driverless AI Recipes Technical

This is Part 2 of the blog post series and continuation of the original post, Predicting Failures from Sensor Data using AI/ML — Part 1. Missing Values & Data Imbalance One of the things to note is that the hard-disk data set has a lot of missing values across its columns. Check out the Missing Data Heat […]

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H2O Driverless AI: The Workbench for Data Science
by Bruna Smith September 26, 2019 Community Data Science H2O Driverless AI Technical Tutorials

This blog was written by Rohan Gupta and originally published here. 1. Introduction In today’s world, being a Data Scientist is not limited to those without technical knowledge. While it is recommended and sometimes important to know a little bit of code, you can get by with just intuitive knowledge. Especially if you’re on H2O’s […]

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Custom recipes for Driverless AI: Prophet and pmdarima cases
by Bruna Smith September 24, 2019 H2O Driverless AI Recipes Technical

Last updated: 09/23/19 H2O Driverless AI provides a great new feature called “custom recipes”. These recipes are essentially custom snippets of code which can incorporate any machine learning algorithm, any scorer/metric and any feature transformer. A user can create custom recipes using python utilizing any external library or his/her own creations. This is a interesting feature […]

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Regression Metrics’ Guide
by Bruna Smith September 9, 2019 H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Technical Tutorials

Introduction As part of my role within the automated machine learning space with H2O.AI and Driverless AI, I have seen that many times people struggle to find the right optimization metric for their data science problems. This process is even more challenging in regression problems where the errors are often not bounded like you normally have with probabilistic modeling. […]

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Driverless AI can help you choose what you consume next
by Bruna Smith September 6, 2019 H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Recipes Recommendations Technical Tutorials

Last updated: 09/06/19 Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them’. This makes sense, especially in this era of constant choice overload. Consumers today have access to a plethora of products just at the click of their mouse. These innumerable choices can sometimes […]

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Predicting Failures from Sensor Data using AI/ML— Part 1
by Bruna Smith August 26, 2019 H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Technical

Last updated: 08/26/19 Whether it’s healthcare, manufacturing or anything that we depend on either personal or in business, Prevention of a problem is always known to be better than cure! Classic prevention techniques involve time-based checks to see how things are progressing, positively or negatively. Time-based checks are based on statistical measures like ‘how likely’ things would […]

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Driverless AI Screen
New Innovations in Driverless AI
by Vinod Iyengar August 20, 2019 Data Science Explainable AI H2O Release Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Recipes Technical

What’s new in Driverless AI We’re super excited to announce the latest release of H2O Driverless AI. This is a major release with a ton of new features and functionality. Let’s quickly dig into all of that:  Make Your Own AI with Recipes for Every Use Case: In the last year, Driverless AI introduced time-series […]

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Detecting Sarcasm is difficult, but AI may have an answer
by Bruna Smith August 5, 2019 H2O Driverless AI NLP Recipes Technical Tutorials

Recently, while shopping for a laptop bag, I stumbled upon a pretty amusing customer review: “This is the best laptop bag ever. It is so good that within two months of use, it is worthy of being used as a grocery bag.” The innate sarcasm in the review is evident as the user isn’t happy […]

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