Important update: The H2O community forums have moved to Stack Overflow

We’ve decided to retire the site and move the main H2O community support forum to the more widely used website for open source software support, For algorithm questions, please use Cross Validated (on Stack Exchange). The quality content from is being transferred to Stack Overflow and the H2O documentation. Please contribute to H2O community by asking and answering questions on Stack Overflow and Cross Validated and use the “h2o” and “sparkling-water” tags.

Note: H2O and Sparkling Water software / code-related questions should be posted to Stack Overflow, where as theory / data science / algorithm questions should be posted to Cross Validated (tagged with “h2o” if they are questions specific to H2O algorithms).

We will continue to support user questions and communication here the h2ostream Google group, however, we’d like to encourage the H2O user community to make use of Stack Overflow, as it offers a well-designed, more public and open format for archiving Q&A content than Google groups. Ideally, H2O software questions will be posted to Stack Overflow and h2ostream would be used as a means to communicate with the H2O developers directly about specific issues or concerns not suited for the Stack Overflow format.

As a reminder, bug reports can be made directly to our issue tracking system, located here: When filing a bug report, please make sure to include a reproducible example if possible and H2O version & client (R, Py, etc) information.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can write me directly at This website will stay online through the end of April as we transition content, however, please start using Stack Overflow for new questions. If you have any unanswered questions on this site, please re-post them to Stack Overflow (or h2ostream, when appropriate).

We look forwarding to seeing many of you over at Stack Overflow!


Erin LeDell (VP of Community & Machine Learning Scientist at