Beta Testing

Driverless AI Knob Settings Tips

By James Medel posted 06-04-2020 09:01


H2O Driverless AI allows you to customize every experiment in great detail via the expert settings. The most important controls however are the three knobs for accuracy, time and interpretability. A higher accuracy setting results in a better estimate of the model generalization performance, usually through using more data, more holdout sets, more parameter tuning rounds and other advanced techniques. Higher time settings means the experiment is given more time to converge to an optimal solution. Higher interpretability settings reduces the model’s complexity through less feature engineering and using simpler models. In general, a setting of 1/1/10 will lead to the simplest and usually least accurate modeling pipeline, while a setting of 10/10/1 will lead to the most complex and most time consuming experiment possible. Generally, it is sufficient to use settings of 7/5/5 or similar, and we recommend to start with the default settings. We highly recommend studying the experiment preview on the left-hand side of the GUI before each experiment - it can help you fine-tune the settings and save time overall.

Note that you can always finish an experiment early, either by clicking ‘Finish’ to get the deployable final pipeline out, or by clicking ‘Abort’ to instantly terminate the experiment. In either case, the experiment can be continued seamlessly at a later time with ‘Restart from last Checkpoint’ or ‘Retrain Final Pipeline’, and you can always turn the knobs (or modify the expert settings) to adapt to your requirements.