NEW YORK – H2O World 2018 – June 7, 2018, the open source leader in AI, today announced new innovations and continued growth for key open source projects, including H2O-3, Sparkling Water, AutoML, data.table and H2O4GPU at the sold-out 2018 H2O World in New York City. is fostering a grassroots movement of data engineers, data scientists, and analysts to move machine learning forward. The H2O open source movement is embraced by 14,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of data scientists for mission-critical use cases in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Telco, Sales, and Marketing industries.

“Our open source culture is the defense of our community and brand with beautiful AI products. The H2O community is our greatest strength. We renew our vows to open source every day with code commits and leverage the fast feedback loops for our community. All of Software will be AI and ‘Open AI’ is a precondition for democratizing intelligence. Data ownership, partnerships, and open data is the road ahead,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder at “Our leadership in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms is only a piece of the story – many of the participants use open source H2O and are our ecosystem partners. We feel privileged that the community trusts us to make real our vision to raise a forest, not just a tree.”

Growing Choice of AI Deployments in the Ecosystem

Today at H2O World, the company announced a strategic partnership with IBM that aims to accelerate the adoption of AI in the enterprise with H2O Driverless AI on IBM Power Systems and on IBM Cloud Private (ICP). The joint solution will leverage NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU-accelerated machine learning on IBM Power Systems. and NVIDIA have accelerated machine learning on NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs, leading to innovations in H2O4GPU, which is an underpinning of H2O Driverless AI. With IBM and combined, customers can gain insights and transform their business with AI quickly.

“IBM’s partnership with is a tremendous step forward in delivering machine learning solutions to enterprises around the world,” said Jim McHugh, Vice President and General Manager at NVIDIA. “This joint solution will harness the power of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs to enable IBM customers to see significant speedup in insights and interpretability.”

In addition, for enterprises developing and deploying in the cloud, H2O and H2O Driverless AI are available in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud – in addition to Nimbix, IBM Cloud Public, Paperspace and others.

Open Source AI Advancements

H2O continuously innovates open source projects with feedback from the community, including:

  • H2O-3, the leading open source machine learning platform for enterprises now has support for new algorithms like Cox Proportional-Hazards, which enable survival analysis and is extremely valuable in predicting end-of-life events. We also now support distributed XGBoost with full deployment support.
  • H2O AutoML can be used for automating the machine learning workflow, including automatic training and tuning of many models within any time limit. The H2O AutoML interface is designed to have as few parameters as possible so that all the user needs to do is point to their dataset, identify the response column and optionally specify a time constraint or limit on the number of total models trained. The only R command you need to know is h2o.automl().
  • H2O4CPU, the open source GPU-accelerated machine learning package, is fully optimized for the latest-generation NVIDIA® Volta Tensor Core GPUs — the NVIDIA Tesla®V100 — and CUDA 9 software. H2O4GPU now also supports the new algorithms and improvements based on customer demand. Since its initial release, has added support for the same set of algorithms on R, opening this innovative software up to a broader range of data scientists.    
  • Additionally, is now announcing expanded support for data.table, an open source project in R that focuses on providing data scientists with a high-performance data manipulation package. has supported data.table for four years, and has expanded that support to include the larger data science community with datatable for Python.

Also announced today at H2O World NYC, unveiled the latest version of Driverless AI which includes time series support aimed at improving predictions within transactional datasets and auto documentation, as well as updated AutoViz, Machine Learning Interpretability (MLI) and Automatic Pipelines.

From the Source: Live Stream of H2O World NYC

The 2018 H2O World NYC exceeded its target registrations due to its stellar lineup of speakers and   several presentations from that focus on the company’s key open source initiatives:

  • Michal Kurka with a discussion of the recently added H2O-3 features and algorithms
  • Erin LeDell with an overview of the field of “Automatic Machine Learning,” and the AutoML functionality in H2OAutoML
  • Pasha Stetsenko with a technical session on how supports data.table
  • Mateusz Dymczyk with a talk on the latest advancements and applications for H2O4GPU

The entire event will be live streamed starting at 9:00am ET. You can follow the day-of livestream here:

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