Transforming Government Operations with AI

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How the H2O AI Cloud Helps

The H2O AI Cloud enables intelligent automation, acceleration and transparency through every step of the data science lifecycle. It also provides a completely scalable and extensible platform that adapts to meet the complexity of public sector use cases.


Highly accurate autoML with expert control available for advanced data scientists, realtime data drift detection, and access to robust proprietary and open source algorithms.


Automated machine learning, feature transformation, model selection, and hyperparameter tuning dramatically accelerate the data science workflow.


Industry leading toolkit for explainable AI, automated model documentation, and bias detection to meet ethical AI goals.


Distributed machine learning for large datasets (petabytes), containerized deployments and streamlined governance of models, applications, and features.


Platform agnostic architecture that is compatible with any environment and supports various modeling approaches, with optimized performance for CPUs and GPUs.

AI Use Cases

Agencies are turning to responsible and ethical AI to leverage their huge data stores for more informed and more timely decision making.

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Fraud, Waste,

& Abuse


Supply Chain
& Logistics





Innovate with AI Applications

Predictive Maintenance

Get real-time information from sensor data to understand which parts are likely to fail, when, and why. Minimize maintenance costs of equipment using intelligent and automated processes.

Demand Sensing

Leverage new mathematical techniques and current real-time information to create an accurate near-future forecast of demand, based on current realities of the supply chain.

Explainable Anomaly Detection

Identify which data points are highly unusual and what about them is different from the rest of the data; this can be helpful for creating new rules to find fraudulent activities.

The Difference has grown alongside financial services firms, who are not only our biggest customers but also our biggest investors, and it is evident in the platform today. Our host of capabilities are designed to allow companies to build fast, while improving transparency and trust.

Machine Learning:

Quickly create and test highly accurate and robust models with state-of-the-art automated machine learning that spans the entire data science lifecycle and can process a variety of data types within a single dataset.

Natural Language Processing:

Extract insights from unstructured text data to discover trends, create more accurate and relevant information retrieval and create personalized recommendations, with a wide range of supported algorithms from simplistic TF-IDF based ones to state-of-the-art BERT based transformers.

Time Series Forecasting:

Easily fit and solve forecasting problems with unique feature engineering and autoML capabilities specifically designed to handle time series data. See how predictions are generated, and easily build forecasts across many categories such as individual skus, product hierarchy and more.

Computer Vision:

Use image data for modeling, with the ability to combine additional data types with your image data including text, tabular and audio data, with out-of-the-box access to all of the recent CNN-architectures and GPU accelerated training.

Explainable AI:

Easily understand the ‘why’ behind model predictions to build better models and provide explanations of model output at a global level (across a set of predictions) or at a local level (for an individual prediction).

AI AppStore:

Rapidly develop prototypes and solutions, while also fostering collaboration between technical teams and end users. The AI AppStore is the catalyst needed to move you from big ideas to tangible impact with comprehensive machine learning capabilities, a robust explainable AI toolkit, a low code application development framework and integrated machine learning operations.

Transforming Government Operations with AI

AI is an essential component of IT modernization. It enables agencies to make sense of their data, which leads to more informed decisions about how to achieve the goals of modernization like improving processes, operations and the customer experience. Machine learning models can be built to increase efficiencies, such as cost controls and predictive maintenance. Agencies can improve responsiveness to constituents, enhance situational awareness for warfighters and mitigate cybersecurity risks with AI.
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