Event Overview

To achieve true, transformational progress in how we approach and ultimately solve problems as a society, we must get AI into the hands of many. This requires making AI technology accessible to a broad user base and ensuring its applicability to real world needs.

AI Apps and App Stores are a key component of the mission to democratize AI. Join us as we share our philosophy behind AI App Stores and how we are empowering the world to build their own. You will hear first hand from customers, such as Bon Secours Mercy Health, who are working to transform their organizations and industries with AI apps.

Join us June 23rd 2021 | 9am – 10:30am PT

Featured Speakers

Keynote speaker | Sri Ambati, Founder & CEO at H2O.ai


Hiek Van der Scheer

Hiek Van der Scheer, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Insurance

Sameer Badlani

Sameer Badlani, MD, CDO at Bon Secours Mercy Health