H2O Q is a new and innovative AI platform to make AI apps. Q delivers instantaneous insights and predictions for the “in the moment” business questions and is ideal for data analysts, citizen data scientists, and all business users. Q provides the essential building blocks to make your own AI apps.

H2O Q: A New AI Platform

Search and visualizations for ad-hoc analysis to AI predictions


AI for automatic insight discovery


Automatic modeling for insights, analysis and interpretability


Reports and dashboard for narratives and storytelling


Create your own AI apps with augmented data sets
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Get Results Faster with New Q AI Apps

Q AI Apps are a new way to use data to gain intelligence, get insights and predictions in an app that solves a business challenge.

A New Q AI App Catalog

The new Q AI Applications catalog has a number of new AI Apps that are directed at solving business challenges. The catalog also has a number of data sets and data connectors to make your AI even more accurate.

New AI Apps include:

  • COVID-19 Impact on Hospital staffing and supplies predictions
  • Mortgage Lending with COVID-19 data
  • Demand Sensing with COVID-19 data
  • Marketing Lead Predictions connected to SFDC
  • Supply Chain Predictions with COVID-19 data
  • Mobility Patterns due to COVID-19
preview of h2o.ai's new app catalog
Augment Data

Connect to Any Data Store or Source

With the new and emerging realities in the market today, just having your own companies’ data may not be enough to determine results.

With H2O Q, not only can it include your companies’ data, but that data can be augmented with external data sources.

This augmentation capability with data connectors and external data sets can determine more accurate insights and results.

Bring your data to H2O.ai
Q AI App

Q Demand Sensing with COVID-19 Data

Q AI Apps are a new way to use data to gain intelligence, get insights and get predictions in an app that is vertically focused.

Q Demand Sensing for sales forecasting uses augmented COVID-19 data. It can help a company forecast the sales for different SKUs filtered by region/customer/brands.

The forecasting model uses sensing variables such as–COVID-19 cases, social sentiment and more. The Q Demand Sensing app then shows the impact on sales with or without sensing variables.

Watch the Demo >

Q AI App

Mortgage Lending

The new Q AI Mortgage Lending app, uses existing data and augments with external data sources such as unemployment data to quickly determine and predict default on loans – creates a new risk prediction model with recent COVID-19 data.

H2O Q mortgage app dashboards

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