The speed at which machine learning can be developed and put into the hands of business users has been a well known challenge facing data science teams for some time. The H2O AI AppStore solves major operational issues such as governance and provisioning of data science applications to much broader user bases including business users, executives, and technical audiences.

Share AI Apps

With H2O Wave and H2O AI AppStore, customers can rapidly make and share AI applications across their organization.

Bringing Data Science to the Business

The H2O AI Hybrid Cloud enables companies to leverage H2O’s data science technology to create apps for a wide range of personas across all lines of business. These applications can be easily customized and tailored to each unique use case or data set.

Pre-Built Applications and Capabilities

The App Store deploys with a set of pre-built applications, such as Automatic Insights, Recommendations, and LIBOR, which organizations can use to put AI into production even faster.

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