Machine Learning on High Volume, High Velocity Data and Kx established a partnership to create a joint H2O Driverless AI and Kdb+ solution for large-scale streaming, real-time and historical data analytics. It is widely implemented in the financial services industry for complex analytics on large-scale trading data, as well as in the manufacturing industry and other industries with high volume, high velocity time-series IoT data. The integration of kdb+ into the H2O Driverless AI solution enables the machine learning and data science platform to extend its ability to quickly process vast datasets, enabling faster identification of AI models and more performant predictive capabilities.

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World Class Combination to Deliver Results

Kdb+ provides the world’s fastest time-series database at the forefont of high-performance streaming, real-time, and historical analytics with the ability to efficiently scale both vertically and horizontally. Kx now has the ability to directly leverage H2O Driverless AI with kdb+ machine learning capabilities natively through a two-way integration which improves productivity of Kx users that allows them to:

  • Process time series datasets including feature generation and curation
  • Create time series specific queries
  • Improve overall platform performance (do more with less, low-latency)
  • Export scored models as q scripts

Kx + H2O Driverless AI Demo

See how H2O Driverless AI in combination with Kx allows data scientist to develop trusted machine learning models using automatic feature engineering and advanced functionality for data visualization, model interpretability and low-latency deployment.

Watch the demo here