Executive Summary

ArmadaHealth is a health data science and services company founded to help people access the right physician or expert for them. Their unique solution, QualityCare Connect, combines big data and expert clinical insights which they aim straight at the root cause of healthcare access problems. ArmadaHealth does this by applying sentiment analysis on customer reviews and advanced analysis of experts’ wisdom to understand the consumers, objectively matching to their needs and preferences, preparing them, and delivering timely access to a choice of the most appropriate physicians for their condition.


Finding the right specialist is the first step to receiving the right care. However, consumers are not equipped to navigate the complex and confusing healthcare system. It can be challenging for patients to discover which specialist they should approach for different health situations and, even with a referral from a primary physician, it can still be a long process until they find the right specialist who can accurately treat them while also providing a satisfactory patient experience. Finding the right match between patient and doctor can solve major problems and save lives.


Powered by H2O Driverless AI H2O Driverless AI is an essential part of reaching Armada Health’s goal of delivering accurate patient-expert matches. By using our automatic machine learning platform, the company is able to build and train a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to identify the sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) in each customer review. The company looks at three main aspects in each review: treatment outcome, communication, and attitude. These three aspects are critical to finding the best expert that matches customer preferences. Driverless AI is also key to understanding characteristics derived from the data and its NLP features and interpretability features make it easier to analyze sentiment.


H2O.ai empowered ArmadaHealth to achieve its goal of helping people access the right physician or expert for them, acting straight at the root cause of healthcare access problems. Among the various positive results of using Driverless AI, ArmadaHealth saw:

• Increased Net Promoter scores
• Faster model building and deployment

Key Use-Cases at Armada Health

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Matching patients to specialists

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