Complete the form to watch the recording. Join Former Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow, and panelists from Commonwealth Bank of Australia, IMDA and International Standards Organisation (ISO) to discuss responsible use of AI in decision making.

Like other powerful technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) present significant opportunities. To reap the full benefits of AI, organizations and governments must also mitigate the considerable risks it presents. The issues of fairness, explainability, and transparency of machine learning models have become critical for ML adoption. Without a level of trust in a model, business will not use predictive models to automate decision processes. Furthermore, AI can have substantial societal and cultural implications on humanity, and there is increased governmental and academic interest in AI-based decision-making and these issues.

Join our Responsible AI Panel to discuss a set of actionable best practices for people, processes, and technology that can enable organizations to innovate with AI in a responsible manner. The panel will focus on the human-centered issues such as human rights, fairness, security, and privacy, and touch upon technical issues of ML interpretability and explainability.

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  • • A practical framework for responsible AI & Machine Learning to enable the AI adoption while accounting for its known risks.
  • • Addressing human-centered issues such as potential discrimination, privacy and security concerns.
  • • How to engineer Machine Learning for human trust & understanding; actionable best practices for people, processes, and technology.
  • • How to drive value with responsible Machine Learning innovation.
Featured Speakers


Edward Santow
Industry Professor – Responsible Technology at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) & Australia’s Former Human Rights Commissioner

Wan Sie Lee

Lee Wan Sie
Director, Trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Innovation
Info-Communications Media Development Authority (IMDA)

Dan Jermyn

Dan Jermyn
Chief Decision Scientist, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Aurelie Jacquet

Aurelie Jacquet
Chair, International Standards Organisation (ISO) & Digital Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency (DIITA) Lead, IEEE

Ben Cox

Moderated by Ben Cox
Director, Responsible AI,