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These are unprecedented times. Globally, the way in which we work and live has been impacted. Business-as-usual is no longer usual. is working with several of our customers and the community on many business challenges that are a direct impact of COVID-19. These span industries and use cases. is applying its expertise and platforms to solving these challenges including the creation of a number of new AI Apps to get answers and results faster with AI.

Get Results Faster with New AI Apps

A New AI App Catalog Based on H2O Q

Q AI Apps are a new way to use data to gain intelligence, get insights and get predictions in applications that are vertically focused. AI Applications with Q can:


  • Augment your data with external data sources, easily
  • Gain meaningful insights with automatic insights
  • Automatically and easily create beautiful visualizations of your outcomes
  • Get predictions with a leading automatic machine learning platform, Driverless AI, with clicks to truly democratize AI for business users
preview of's new app catalog
Q AI App

Q Demand Sensing with COVID-19 Data

Q AI Apps are a new way to use data to gain intelligence, get insights and get predictions in an app that is vertically focused.

Q Demand Sensing for sales forecasting uses augmented COVID-19 data. It can help a company forecast the sales for different SKUs filtered by region/customer/brands.

The forecasting model uses sensing variables such as–COVID-19 cases, social sentiment and more. The Q Demand Sensing app then shows the impact on sales with or without sensing variables.

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Augment Data

Connect to Any Data Store or Source

With the new and emerging realities in the market today, just having your own companies’ data may not be enough to determine results.

With H2O Q, not only can it include your companies’ data, but that data can be augmented with external data sources.

This augmentation capability with data connectors and external data sets can determine more accurate insights and results.

Bring your data to

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