The AI Movement Driving Business Value is the open source leader in AI and machine learning with a mission to democratize AI for everyone. Our industry-leading enterprise-ready platforms are used by hundreds of thousands of data scientists in over 20,000 organizations globally. We empower every company to be an AI company in financial services, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, pharmaceutical, and marketing and delivering real value and transforming businesses today.

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Driverless AI

Automatic AI including automatic feature engineering, machine learning and interpretability.

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Responsible AI

The intersection of people, processes and technology

Best practices in applying AI is not just a statistical question, but a people and process question as well, which forms the key elements of Responsible AI. In order to achieve maximum transparency and understanding of AI, it is imperative to address and understand the full view of models and their impact.

There are six categories that comprise the most critical themes in Responsible AI: Explainable AI, Interpretable Machine Learning technology, Ethical AI, Secure AI, Human-Centered AI, and Compliance.

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AI Transformation
Every Generation Needs a Revolution.

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  • Marketing
  • Retail
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  • Manufacturing
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