H2O.ai customers gave the highest overall score among all the vendors for sales relationship and account management, customer support (onboarding, troubleshooting, etc.) and overall service and support as reported by Gartner.

Get the industry’s best technical support for your Machine Learning efforts. With H2O.ai’s support, you’ll experience more uptime, faster issue resolution, better performance to support your critical applications, and faster delivery of the platform features you care about.

Software Support

Our support and success teams work closely with our customers through their entire machine learning journey. Our enterprise support includes:

  • Production Certified Platform
  • Expert 24×7 Email & Phone Support with 1 hour SLA
  • Bug Escalation and Off-cycle Patch Releases
  • Access to H2O Data Scientist and Algorithm Experts
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Health Check/Model Reviews
  • DevOps / Production Consultation
  • Legal Assurance
  • Quick Start Services
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Training Support

Learn from the Makers

We also offer trainings to enterprise customers to leverage the best data science practices from our expert data scientists. We also help identify common data science pitfalls and train strategies to avoid them.

Training options include:

  • Onboarding for New Teams
  • Onsite Workshops & Training Classes
  • Online Workshops and Webinars
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H2O.ai for IT

Enterprise Readiness

H2O.ai is an open source leader in AI and machine learning. We support business agility as well as the needs of IT in an enterprise in the following ways:

✓ Speed up the conversion of data to predictions by making your own AI

✓ Leverage your data lakes and access all siloes to make the best AI

✓ Allow AI workloads to be seamlessly deployed on-premises and in the cloud

✓ Provide scale in ML algorithms and compatibility with every major programming language (e.g. R, Python, Java) critical for innovation in AI-driven enterprises

✓ Templatize training and deployments stages using best practices like Terraform and Docker images

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Enterprise Steam

Secure, Self-Service Artificial Intelligence Environments with Comprehensive IT Control

Enterprise Steam is a service to securely start and connect to H2O YARN jobs in a Hadoop environment or H2O on Kubernetes. It is available to all our Enterprise Support paying customers.

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Enterprise Security

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