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Build and Deploy Models, and Try AI Applications

Explore the capabilities of the applications within the AI Hybrid Cloud powered by machine learning models.

Simplify Data Science Lifecycle and Model Management

AutoML capabilities are integrated throughout the platform, enabling automation at every step of the data science lifecycle.

Centralize the Management of AI Assets with the H2O AI AppStore

The AppStore supports rapid prototyping, fosters collaboration, enables cross-enterprise provisioning and provides intuitive access to business solutions.

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AI App Store

Access and manage artificial intelligence applications with ease inside of your own AI AppStore.

Pre-built Applications

View 25+ applications spanning from data science best practices to examples of industry solutions.

AutoML Integration

Visualization, feature extraction, model selection, interpretability and documentation are all powered by AutoML.

Model Operations

Observe real time changes in data and predictions, while also monitoring drift and executing low latency scoring pipelines.

Model Interpretability

Build more transparent models without sacrificing accuracy with an extensive suite of machine learning interpretability capabilities.


Create comprehensive, high quality model documentation for machine learning models in minutes.

Data Science Best Practices

Discover pre-packaged capabilities designed to make data science best practices accessible for any use case including natural language processing tasks, image analysis, anomaly detection, automated visualizations, forecasting, model interpretability, drift detection, geospatial analysis and more.

Industry Applications

Find industry applications and vertical solutions with specific use cases designed for financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and telecommunications. Plus explore cross-industry solutions that address churn, sentiment analysis, price optimization, demand sensing and sales forecasting.

AI for Good

Applications designed to help our communities and improve the world around us are included in the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud trial. Check out use cases that span from wildlife conservation to COVID-19 dashboards and healthcare demand simulations.

An AI platform the business trusts

World-Class AI

Combining algorithms and methodologies developed by some of the top data scientists in the world with innovative engineering that makes AI malleable and cost effective, H2O AI Hybrid Cloud gives organizations the flexibility needed to scale and customize AI capabilities in ways that best fit your needs.

Bringing Cross-Functional Teams Together

H2O democratizes AI across skill sets by supporting the entire data science lifecycle, simplifying the deployment of models for developers and providing applications that are easy to consume for business users.

Delivering Transformative Change

Deploy AI anywhere you need it with Kubernetes. H2O AI Hybrid Cloud is platform agnostic and ready to be deployed on premises or in any cloud. Streamline adoption with the ability to integrate AI into existing applications or create your own front end and release applications through your own, customized AppStore. named a visionary in two Gartner Magic Quadrants

Explore the full reports and learn more about the Artificial Intelligence market, access analyses across all vendors and discover what makes an AI Visionary.

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