Speed At Scale

Discover lightning-fast insights with the fastest and most scalable GPU- accelerated machine learning platform.
• GPU acceleration to achieve up to 40X speedups vs CPUs.
• GLM:More than 5X faster on GPUs
• SVD:More than 5x faster on GPUs
• XGBoost:Nearly 10X faster on GPUs
• K-Means:More than 40X faster on GPUs


Provide the accuracy of a Kaggle Grandmaster right out of the box.
• Driverless AI build a model ranked in the top 3% of the Kaggle leaderboard within an hour.
• Driverless AI performs automatic feature engineering and machine learning out of the box at the level of an expert data scientist.


Interpret reason codes and explain predictions transparently for every model.
Four dynamic graphs are generated automatically: K-LIME, Variable Importance, Decision Tree Chart and Partial Dependence Plot; each one helps explore the model output more closely.

NVIDIA Partnership with H2O.ai