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H2O.ai offers a range of AI and data science platforms from industry leading open source, H2O platform, to integrations for Apache Spark with Sparkling water, acceleration for NVIDIA GPU with H2O4GPU, and the award winning H2O Driverless AI platform that delivers an expert data scientist in a box .  H2O.ai provides leading AI technologies and products for every organization.

Expert Data Scientist in a Box

H2O Driverless AI is an automatic machine learning platform that gives you an experienced “data scientist in a box” to create AI driven products and services.

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Related Case Studies

Dr. Robert Coop
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Manager, Stanley Black & Decker

"The platform’s feature engineering and scoring pipeline generation are better than anything we’ve seen out there right now."

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Martin Stein
Chief Product Officer, G5

"AI to do AI is absolutely a watershed moment in our industry."

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Venkatesh Ramanathan
Senior Data Scientist, Paypal

"H2O Driverless AI gives amazing performance in terms of feature performance and also model performance."

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